Poker: Art and Reality

What is the unparalleled attraction of this game? Why deal with poker in so many movies, books and songs, and why does poker expression cover our vocabulary Poker poker face, salary poker, bluff… – OK? Poker: Art and Reality: Let’s look at the next blog.

Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler” offers one of many answers.

Every gambler knows.
That the secret to Survivin’ ♪ That the secret to Survivin’ ♪
♪ What to through away ♪
♪ And knowin’ what to keep ♪
♪ Cause every hand’s a winner ♪
And all hands are losers.

On the other hand, there are several different variants, such as Stud, Holdem, and Draw Poker. On the other hand, poker players still have a chance of success in Backgammon, where they can throw a few more games that are considered won by the other side, unlike chess or baduk where chance is not important. Bluffs that can be won from any hand.
Cool Hand Luke & the Bluff

One of the most famous and best movie scenes about Bluff is shown in the film “The Twilight,” in which Paul Newman, unparalleled, shines with “Cool Hand Luke” and returns to “nothing.”
Cincinnati Kid & Stud Poker

The movie Cincinnati Kid will screen the “Five Card Study” poker.

In Study Variants, players always receive hidden and open cards that form only their own hands. We will explain in more detail how to handle the various games on the following blog, in particular:

Five Card Stud
Seven Card Stud

In the film, Eric Eric Eric Cincinnati Kid Stoner (Steve McQueen) is considered the best poker player in the 1930s in New Orleans. He’s betting everything on Old Meister Lancey Howard. But he shows at first that he is not interested in playing against a young challenger. But in the end, Cincinnati’s friend Shrouter, Carl Malden, attracted Howard to the poker table for a very attractive round with Cincinnati Kid. Shooter is employed as a dealer It is evolving into an exciting poker session that eventually leads to a generation of show-downs. Cincinnati Kidd also captivates viewers who are not related to poker. For more than 30 minutes, the other person does nothing but sit at the table and play cards. But instead of boredom, the movie unfolds back and forth due to action and reaction. It is inflated, gezocked, stingy, and deceiving. Also, the way players interact with each other is a bipartisan assessment. So it’s an exciting poker session with a generation of show-downs. Age vs. Age – Which player do you tip?

Clue and draw poker

In 1973, director George Roy Hill’s fantastic Gannoben comedy, played by genius Paul Newman, played gangster boss Doyle Ronnegan (Robert Redford), along with his protege Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford), on a train from New York to Chicago in the 1930s.The alcohol is offensive to the ear. It is considered one of the most successful films in the genre. The wonderful scene of the poker game on the train shows the side of psychological “maps of war” in poker.

The drop poker is probably the most famous form of the game. Many Wild West movies feature Saloon Tables Draw Poker. The Hand of Dead Man (two pairs of apes and eight) is the name of Wild Bill Hickock, who was shot in the hand.

In a draw poker, the player receives all of the cards without hiding them, and can be exchanged.

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